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How will you feel when you're holding $200,000 to $300,000 in real cash and new lines of credit that NEVER report a balance on your personal credit report?

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When you have my “Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide: How to create wealth without using your own cash”, you never need to use your own cash again to make money in any investment.

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Most people understand that real estate is a great investment in any market condition because real estate is a limited resource and demand ALWAYS rises as the population grows.

And most people can tell lots of stories about someone else who made money in real estate.

But those very same people seldom profit from real estate investment themselves because of these three reasons:

  1. They don't have the money or the good personal credit to buy real estate.
  2. They don't know what kind of property is most profitable.
  3. They can't find an experienced mentor who is willing to take them by the hand and walk them through every step of the real estate investing process.

Here Is The Ultimate Solution
To All 3 of Those Problems!

The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Kish. I'm the founder of CashFlowExperts.Biz Inc. and I've found an amazing SHORTCUT to wealth and prosperity.

I've personally bought and sold over $8 million worth of real estate in less than two years without using a dollar of my own money.

I became a successful investor when I discovered the Millionaire's investing secret of using unsecured new business lines of credit.

Now I've created a system based on this PROVEN investing technique that will assure your success in becoming a money-making real estate investor.

It's called “The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide: How to create wealth without using your own cash”.

The Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide
Is The Powerhouse Wealth-Generating
Program That Guarantees Your Success

You no longer need lots of cash or great personal credit to invest in real estate. You just need my step-by-step recipe for getting HUGE lines of credit that give you access to all the cash you'll need to buy and sell real estate.

The money from these unsecured new business lines of credit is easy to get when you have my trademarked formula and my complete list of all the NATIONAL lenders that offer this cash and credit to you – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

And you can use this money for much more than just real estate investing.

Here are some of the things my clients do with this MONEY system:

  1. Real estate investing
  2. Stock market investing
  3. Starting a new business
  4. Growing an existing business
  5. Advertising and marketing
  6. Creating an internet business
  7. Writing a book or a screenplay
  8. eBay business opportunities
  9. Investing in livestock or race horses
  10. Any other business activity you can dream of

The "Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide" is an easy-to-follow system that provides you with printed instructions and audio CDs to guarantee FAST results.

The program includes audio recordings, a contact list of all the national lenders that offer these lines of credit, and simple printed application templates that quickly walk you through the four proven steps to getting $200,000 to $300,000 in unsecured new business lines of credit.

You also get a ton of other solid gold real estate investing bonus material.

Best of all, you'll have unlimited telephone access to my staff to get your questions answered LIVE and in person during our regularly scheduled weekly teleconferences. We also offer a customer support site that is staffed on a daily basis to answer your most commonly asked questions about the best way to use this money system.

Sound good so far? Hang on to your seat because we're just getting started...

The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide
is a proven shortcut to money that
Guarantees Your Success!

The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide is a complete DO-IT-YOURSELF home study system. No other product is needed to immediately begin getting the MONEY you want. Everything you need to know (even the locations of the Banks) is included in this system.

This set of CDs accompanied by our Manual and the new Workbook show you exactly how to set up your business name on paper so that you qualify for the large lines of credit offered by the lenders on our contact list.

Take a moment to dream about the deals you will do when you are holding this money in your hands. $300,000 will be yours when you follow my trademarked recipe. This system is no joke – it really works for thousands of people all over the country.

Business lines of credit have been used by traditional businesses for years. Now, finally you can have access to the same resources the big guys have always used to get RICHER.

Hard work and personal saving can only get you so far. It takes money to make money. So reach out and TAKE the money that is waiting for YOU.

Here's a small sampling of the mountain of valuable information you'll receive as an owner of The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide:

  • A complete list of our national lenders that actually want to give you the money. You can use a business name that you have already established or start a new one tomorrow and go get the money immediately. These are all banks every one of my clients and I personally use. This program will teach you exactly how to fill out the paperwork so that the money is handed to you NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You must KNOW which of the six kinds of general business classifications DO NOT qualify for the MAXIMUM credit lines available.
  • Easy-to-use Partnership documents as examples of five ways to attract money partners into your new venture. You can quickly become the CEO of your own profitable new business venture when you have the forms and scripts to attract people with money to invest in your ideas and real estate deals.
  • A complete collection of pre-printed real estate forms. It takes the pain out of finding the paperwork. All the hard-to-find forms you need are right at your fingertips.
  • Access to hours of recorded material that will really speed up your learning curve and keep you from getting stuck.

Not only will you get a complete arsenal of tools to assure your success in getting the MONEY, but you will also be privy to all my secret strategies that are part of this trademarked investing system.

That means you'll save a huge amount of time, energy and money when you follow my shortcut to success. This system will let you avoid the costly trial and error most people suffer through. You are getting a GUARANTEED system that is based on my five years of experience showing tens of thousands of clients how to quickly get the MONEY they need to change their lives.

Ultimate Investor's Guide
Quick Start CD

This audio CD is Tom's fast action instructions in his own words.

You will learn from the national business credit expert himself the strategies that will quickly fund any business and separate your personal credit from your business activities.

Tom will help you crack the code and learn how to use business lines of credit instead of your own money to profitably invest in everything from real estate, the stock market, internet businesses and anything else you can imagine.


Ultimate Investor's Guide
Audio CD 1

Step by step instructions on:

  • Creating a business image.
  • Registering your business name.
  • Separating your personal credit from your business.
  • Monitoring your personal credit.
  • Transferring debt out of your personal name.
  • Complete descriptions on the most common business structures.


Ultimate Investor's Guide
Audio CD 2

Step by step instructions on:

  • Building business partnerships.
  • Raising outside investor capital.
  • Properly completing business credit applications.
  • Where to apply for business credit.
  • The dos and don'ts of each business lending program.
  • How to negotiate the lowest possible interest rates.
  • The 4 types of business credit available.


$300,000 Lenders Contact List
Audio CD 3

This disc contains our complete Lenders contact list with all the national lending programs we recommend to get easy business credit. Included are the contact numbers and websites for each of our business credit lenders.

This audio CD offers detailed, line by line, instructions on how to properly complete each business credit application. The secret of the stated income applications for business credit are revealed in this in depth tutorial.

You will learn how any new business or older business without any income or revenue can qualify for funding from our proven business credit resources.


Ultimate Investor's Guide
CD-Rom 4

This interactive CD Rom gives you desktop computer access to all these valuable resources:

• Loan calculator software
• Business registration services
• Customer support access
• Business coaching recommendations
• Advertising idea files
• Bonus resources


21 Hot Businesses to Start Right Now

Plus, you can download our newest program detailing 21 of the Hottest Businesses you can easily Start right now for huge profits.

This program details the simple steps needed to quickly start one of the hottest businesses available today and how business credit can be used instead of your own cash.

Now anyone can own one of these profitable businesses, even on a shoe-string budget.


You will quickly learn all about:

  • How to understand the credit reporting system and the difference between business credit and personal credit. You will learn the top 3 myths about credit that HURT most people.
  • Where to set up your business name - if you do not yet have one. And how to use an existing business you already own to access MASSIVE amounts of money.
  • How to form partnerships and attract MONEY partners into your business.
  • What type of business structure to choose to get the MAXIMUM amount of money from each lender.
  • How to apply for STATED income lines of credit that DON'T require any income or asset verification. You don't need a job or any collateral or assets to qualify for these UNSECURED lines of credit.
  • The tricks that help you find the best deals and add the maximum value to any piece of real estate.
  • How to avoid costly mistakes with your banker, broker and title company.
  • Plus bonus materials, worksheets, sample forms, templates and addendums.

And So Much More...

  • Recorded home study course with - the 4 simple steps you will follow to get up to $300,000 in unsecured new business lines of credit.
  • Instructions on exactly how to fill out the applications that will get you instant approval, no questions asked.
  • Which banker's dirty tricks you must watch out for when you compare lines of credit.
  • Exact instruction on how to attract partners that want to join you. Get other people to put up their cash and credit to help you do more deals. Advanced training to teach you how to leverage $300,000 lines of credit into MILLIONS of dollars.

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As You Follow This 4-Step System, You Will:

  • Learn how to quickly and easily get the down payment money.
  • Have your own team of “bird dogs” out finding deals for you FREE!
  • Run proven ads that attract the “Big Deals” like a magnet – like having money fall into your lap!
  • Increase your credit score faster than you can say “real estate investor.”
  • Take advantage of HUGE tax deductions – all perfectly legal – that let you keep much more of the money you make.
  • Ensure that you're looking only at the deals that have a minimum $20,000 profit spread. Your nickel and dime days are over!

My system has been proven to work over and over again, like magic, generating one profit stream after another. There is simply nothing on the market that contains the level of information you will get with The Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide.

  • You will have a hands-on mentor (that's me!) who will take your calls when you have questions.
  • You will learn how to set up a system that runs on auto-pilot and does most of the work for you.
  • You will know exactly which banks to contact – the ones that are actually anxious to give money to you so you can buy, rehab and hold real estate until you sell it for a profit.
  • You will have instructions on exactly how to fill out the applications that will get you instant approval, no questions asked.
  • You will know how to quickly “run the numbers” before you even bother to look at an investment property.
  • You will have access to tax-saving information that will allow you to cut your tax bill in half – just like the millionaire entrepreneurs do!
  • You will know the insider secrets to increasing your credit score. And the 3 ways you can make money with that little 3 digit number.
  • You will not have to worry about the costly trial and error curve that is normal for anyone starting out in a new business. I already made the mistakes and now I will give you all the shortcuts.

You've Got To Love A Business
Where You Start With No Cash Down
And Get 100% Of The Profits!

Our successful students speak out! (Results are not typical. Please read complete description of what kind of average results you could expect)

You might think this sounds a little corny. But I mean it from the bottom of my heart: I get a big kick from reading the success stories that my students send me. I want to help every motivated person make all their dreams come true; real estate is the easiest way to do that.

Of course you could invest in stocks, gold, oil and even the Internet. But the fact remains: No other investment has made more people rich throughout history than real estate. It worked 100 years ago and it will still be making people rich 100 years from now.

I always love talking to my students about their new real estate deals. Now I want to help YOU!

Every Question You Can Possibly Think
Of Has Been Answered With The Ultimate Real
Estate Investors  Guide – So You Will Learn
How To Make Money FAST!

Are you ready to change your life? To make more money faster than you ever thought possible? I want to help you do it, just as I've done for so many others. So let's take another look at how sweeping and powerful this system really is, because …

The Ultimate Investors Guide has it all! You will:

  1. Learn who will give you UNSECURED new business lines of credit, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  2. Run only the ads that pull “The Big Deals” right into your lap!
  3. See what an expert looks for when checking out a potential deal.
  4. Get a complete resource library of content rich articles that help every investor and business owner.
  5. Only look at the deals that have a minimum $20,000 profit before you make an offer. 

If you only received the basic materials and access to my coaching calls, The Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide would be a steal. But, I'm pulling out all the stops to give the word “ULTIMATE” serious meaning.

There's still so much more you get with this program. In fact, to assure your successful launch as a real estate investor, you will get …

Now Is The Time To Make Your Move.

Obviously I cannot keep giving away all this material indefinitely. I only have a limited number of these bonus extras and, once they are gone, this package at this price will be history.

Please don't wait and miss out on the most well thought out, take-you-by the hand real estate investment instruction and coaching package ever created.

I said this before and I'll never stop saying it: I really want to help you. I have made this system affordable so I can help every motivated person reach his or her dreams. And I've loaded it with the best real-world experience and insider real estate investment advice you will find anywhere on this planet.

If you are serious, you need to start today.

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Thomas Kish, Founder of the CashflowExperts company

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